Terms and Conditions

‘we’ refers to the particular restaurant you are looking to place a booking with. Josephine’s Tea Lounges Ltd is acting as an introducer to your destination venue in the capacity as a franchisor.

All Bookings

1. Changing your date/time

At least 24 hours notice required. We cannot guarantee that a change of time or date is possible. For groups of 5 or more we may need at least 7 days.

2. Confirmation

All bookings are subject to confirmation even if a deposit has been paid. We manually administer our bookings so we can accommodate as many wishes as possible.

Afternoon Tea bookings

1. Sharing Afternoon Tea

You may share an Afternoon Tea for an additional charge per person (unless they are having something from the main or breakfast menu). This is to cover the cost of extra canapes, fizz, tea, crockery and staffing. 2 people may share 1 Afternoon Tea, 3 people may share 2, 4 people may share 3. There is no sharing charge for under 12s. 

2. Deposits

If you book for Afternoon Tea then subsequently change your mind on the day there will be no refund of deposit. You will not be entitled to any of the products prepared in advance, the deposit merely goes towards time spent preparing and administration of your booking.

3. Refunding your deposit

At least 24 hours notice required for groups of 4 or less. At least 7 days for groups of 5 or more.

Accessibility for Wheelchairs

We have space reserved for wheelchairs and even motorised wheelchairs right up to the table but please ensure you book in advance and let us know. We will always prioritise these bookings so long as made in advance.

Accessibility for Pushchairs

If you are booking at Josephines of Nottingham:

As we are now a restaurant and very small, plus the ongoing current economic crisis (especially in this sector), we have to maximise our revenue capacity and have therefore decided not to accept pushchairs after 4pm any day and only by advance booking if before 4pm.

Although we are disabled friendly we are not somewhere that anyone would say is ideal for those with babies and small children. Because we are such a small and odd shaped venue, as well as the style of venue, having little ones running around when our staff are serving boiling hot water in tea pots is not a perfect match. Equally we have no storage for a pushchair and very limited space generally so it causes a major safety issue. Because the safety of our customers is paramount, and many of our customers are older we only allow 1 pushchair that must be collapsible in and must be by booking only. If you book a table and do not declare a pushchair then you may be turned away and lose your deposit. 

This is not an anti-child company policy – it is a safety issue amongst other things. If we were in a bigger, better shaped premises then it would not be a problem. We are a business, we don’t like losing potential customers but we do have to think about everyone.

Deposits and Online Payments

All transactions are managed and processed by Josephine’s Tea Lounges Ltd. Your purchase is with Josephine’s Tea Lounges Ltd regardless of where you are booking for. Josephine’s Tea Lounges Ltd will pass on your booking details to the relevant restaurant for confirmation and acceptance. Josephine’s Tea Lounges Ltd retains a % of the online payment as part of its commission and the restaurant you have booked for will honour the booking at a price as instructed by us. Menus are indicative only and subject to change and are the destination venues menus, not owned by Josephine’s Tea Lounges Ltd.